. the salt in the soup .

creative Reportage and Art Workshop

Aachen, 26th. of March 2019

(one day before the Fearless Conference)

Once you have learned to photograph weddings, once you know how to "get the moments" you may start to feel you need your "own style". The industry is flooded with many very talented photographers. How can you destinguish yourself from the pack? 

What makes reportage shots special, what makes them artistic? What can you do to not get stuck in boring repetition. How can you approach shootings with creativity. How can you get the couple so comfortable that you get the most intimate portraits?

Are there ways that can help you find "your style"? Can you make art? 

We have struggled, big time. We got lost. But we fought our way out of it. We have learned a lot on the way. We can´t walk the path for you, but we can help you to feel less lost. 

Heiko & Cati

- 10 hours of intense workshopping with Heiko & Cati

- we are going o talk about the important stuff

- live-shooting

- food and drinks included

- course will be held in English

- 550,-€, all included


. the salt in the soup .