. Artistic Wedding Photography .

Photography and art?

Welcome! So nice to see you here. We are Heiko and Cati and this is our art. We are no wedding photographers, but we love to shoot weddings.


What is artistic wedding photography for us?

We don't fit well in any of those typical wedding-style categories. Years ago, when we started to shoot weddings we took images, like those of other good photographers. We were well booked, made ourselves known and won some renowned awards. But with time we were drawn more and more to a certain style of images. You might want to call it artistic wedding photography. It was not a conscious decision, we needed to do it. It threw us in some sort of crisis. These images, this way of seeing, did not fit well with our normal work or even our brand. We struggled. We just could not go on like this anymore. We needed to make a change. We decided to give our art a chance. We wanted to commit to it, to our vision and to ourselves. Now are we here and doing our art. We feel fulfilled and every wedding we go to, we are excited and curious what the day will bring. Sometimes it feels like being a kid again. Finally we are at point where we feel complete.

Why book a photographer like us?

Good question, honestly. We do not do much posed stuff. We will be with you on your day and work in a pure photojournalistic style. We will not get in the way. But we will do it our way. We´ll take images that are different. Images that have depth to it. Images that will make you feel. If you are more comfortable with standard-shots, smiling in the camera, getting the latest hip-look, you will already know by now that we are not the right photographers for you. But if you see something in our work, if you want something unique, something totally different and authentic, we would love to follow you on your day and create something real for you.

Art needs to be printed.

No matter how good a photograph is, on a computer-screen it only can transmit a certain amount of emotion. It is limited by the medium. But, when you take a piece of art and print it, it will be transformed. When you hold it in your hand, a fine-art print, a handmade album, you start to feel. You feel the warmth, the texture of the material. You see the fine nuances of the image as it interacts with the rough paper. And... you start to connect. This is why we always print, at least part of our work. When you finally get your prints, your album, you will know why we feel this way.

We believe the tool makes a difference.

When you hear photographers talk about their cameras, you often hear that cameras are just tools. Yes, they are tools. They make the connection between the vision of the photographer and the final image. This is a very important part. We are not talking about image-quality here, like sharpness or tonal-range. We are talking about emotion, about the intimate connection with our work. Of course digital photography has it´s limits when it comes to the feel of the process, therefore we choose tools that come very close to what analog photography was all about. Mainly we work with Leicas and other small cameras. They have also the advantage of not drawing attention. If you prefer something really out of the ordinary we are also able to shoot your wedding on vintage analog cameras.

Are destination wedding photographers expensive?

If you want something special, if you are thinking out of the box, the likeliness is high that you will not find that in front of your doorstep. The thought of flying in your wedding photographer from Germany might feel unusual at first, but you might already be thinking about choosing an unusual wedding photographer, so why not? The costs do not need necessarily be higher than booking a local photographer. Flight-costs and therefore travel-expenses are low nowadays, so that we can offer you to come to your wedding anywhere in Europe within the budget of your wedding package.


Now you know more about us, more about our work. Feel free to look through our images and stories. If you like what you see, if you connect with what we are about, we would love to hear your story. People who like our work are like friends for us from the very start.

We are based near Hamburg. Regulary we shoot weddings all over Germany. If you are getting married somewhere else in Europe, we would be happy to come and join you at your wedding there.