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Welcome! We are Heiko & Cati and we are not the typical wedding photographers.

Our work is not about clichés, instead we produce unique imagery for you. 

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Honest smiles, quiet interactions and the moments of joy and tears are what we are interested in. We seek to explore. We enjoy to connect, to observe and to capture the essence of life and... of love. Alongside the documentary work we create images the "Schmidt-Way" - abstract and minimalistic in style. We like to see ourselves as wedding-guests, with whom you share the love for art.

Overall, we create a body of work for you that matters. We want to reflect what is important in your life.

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While you experience your wedding day like you have envisioned it, we are there to create images of beauty, of fragile moments and of honest and pure emotions. We do this without disturbing, without interfering with the flow of the day. You and your loved ones can focus on to live this day to the fullest.

Can wedding photography be art? Who knows... But when we come to a wedding, we are neither there to "get the job done" nor to take the typical images that you have seen hundreds of times on the internet. We immerse ourselves in the situation, we see, we feel. We laugh together with you and your guests. And... we take images: when a tiny spot of light hits your dress just in the right way. Or when you get dressed and those who know you would see in your eyes a mixture of joy, anticipation and maybe a tiny bit of melancholy. We look out for the quiet moments that show who you are and what you love.

. what is artistic wedding photography? .

When you look up on the internet what is considered "artistic wedding photography" or "fine art wedding photography" you mostly see one thing: staged portraits of brides (and not seldom even models) with pastel colored wedding bouquets in dreamy light. Of course it is difficult to make beautiful images, but avoid clichés - however, that is exactly what we do.

. vintage cameras, analog film and art-books .

We believe analog film is superior to digital photography when it comes to convey a sense of a place or an emotion. The way in which analog film interprets reality, with its organic grain, its imperfections, and the nearly dreamy way in which light is captured is unmatched and cannot be replicated in digital photography. We combine analog and digital technics to get the best of both worlds.

And finally, these wonderful images of your special day need to be printed. This is the moment when your images come to life. In an art-book, a handmade luxury wedding album or as a museum grade fine-art-print.

We like to invite you to look through our images. When you are touched by what you see get in contact and see if your wedding date is still available. We are looking forward to hear your story.

Heiko & Cati

"You love someone because he sings a song only you can hear." - Oscar Wilde

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